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   24.7.2008. - Ports In Panama Are Safer Harbors Thanks To MOBOTIX Cameras

Two of the most important ports of the Panama Ports Company (PPC) will from now on be protected by MOBOTIX cameras: the container harbors Balboa and Cristobal (both in Panama). The local MOBOTIX partner, Mutitek, installed a system with more than 50 M12 DualNight cameras.

The decisive factor for the MOBOTIX cameras was especially their robustness since they operate even in an ocean climate with very little maintenance. In addition, MOBOTIX combines a high image resolution with an internal loudspeaker and microphone, thus fulfilling important safety requirements so that the cameras can also be used to warn employees of dangerous situations. Using MOBOTIX system, the total number of cameras needed was reduced significantly in comparison to an analog system.

"When we saw the images from a MOBOTIX camera for the first time, it was like watching a DVD – the images were so clear. This sort of quality has become an absolute necessity in our sector", explained Michael Hernandez, Chief Investment Officer of PPC. Those were the main reasons for choosing MOBOTIX. He adds: "It is not enough to see what is going on – we also have to be able to hear it. Our entire safety depends on these two features."