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   5.10.2010. - MOBOTIX At The Security 2010

Hemispheric Technology Is Paramount For Video Security Solution Providers

Langmeil, Germany, October 6, 2010. MOBOTIX, the manufacturer of complete high-resolution IP video systems, is presenting its new products at the World Fair for Security in Essen. Highlights include the hemispheric T24 IP Video Door Station with optional access control and iPhone integration, as well as the a new video analysis module with behavioral evaluation.

MX Security 2010

Visit our DemoCam at the Security.

T24 Door Station

The new hemispheric T24 IP Video Door Station captures the entire entrance area without blind spots from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. The T24 is based on the international VoIP-SIP telephony standard with H.264 support. When the doorbell rings, an encrypted network connection is established with a VoIP video phone, PC, or PC-tablet (iPad) that lets the VoIP device communicate via a built-in intercom, or open the door from anywhere in the world. The door station's integrated video recorder captures all individuals in front of the door (up to 10,000 clips) when the doorbell rings, or when the door opens. Likewise, the video data can be accessed from any location.

With the access control module, individual access authorizations can be assigned via an RFID card, and/or an individual PIN code. Like an answering machine, this module lets visitors record messages, or leave messages to be received by a visitor. No PC or installation box is required to operate the module – the door station and a standard IP video phone are sufficient. The door station can also be integrated into existing buildings using the optional Mx2wire module which only needs the two bell wires to connect to the IP network and supply the door station with power.

Compact Hemispheric Q24 IP Camera

The hemispheric Q24 IP camera replaces multiple cameras and captures the entire room without blind spots. Thanks to its unobtrusive appearance, the Q24 is barely recognizable as a camera and permits a discreet installation – regardless of whether the camera is mounted on a wall with a 180° Panorama view, or from the ceiling delivering a 360° all-round view. Even when using the zoom function, the camera always records the entire image of the room, so the recorded images can be later analyzed from different perspectives using the virtual PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) mode .

A New Form Of Video Evaluation

For the very first time, MOBOTIX will present its new video analysis modules at the World Fair for Security. These modules are based on a behavioral analysis of the moving objects in the image, and not on the traditional geometric image transformation. This allows alarms and recording triggers to be activated not only by the movement in certain image areas, but also by their changes in speed and direction, for example. In addition, the system includes integrated frequency-counter and statistical functions to calculate movement profiles of visitors.

MxControlCenter (MxCC)

The MxCC video management system has been extended, and integrates a wider range of new functionality, including variable search-queries, post-event video analysis, and H.264 video export. At the same time, the handling of many functions has been simplified.
As with T24 IP Video Door Station, the iPhone integration into the video management functions of the cameras  – represents an incredible new feature, and another major development.