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   15.9.2010. - MOBOTIX AG closes the 2009/2010 fiscal year wit

  • Sales: €53.8 million
  • Sales growth: 20 %
  • Export ratio: 73 %
  • EBIT: €12.1 million
  • EBIT in % of total output: 22 %
  • Net income for the period (after taxes): €8.4 million
  • Earnings per share: €1.89
  • Proposed dividend: €1.00

Winnweiler-Langmeil, September 15, 2010. MOBOTIX AG (ISIN DE0005218309), system provider of high-resolution and network-based video security systems, reported continued robust growth in sales and earnings for the fiscal year 2009/2010 ending on June 30, 2010. Despite the difficult global economic environment in fiscal year 2009/2010, the MOBOTIX Group (IFRS consolidated statements) achieved an energetic sales growth of 20 %, resulting from sales of €53.8 million (previous year: €44.9 million), enabling the company to expand and strengthen its market position globally.

The Group EBITDA grew to €14.1 million (previous year: €12.0 million) with the same EBITDA margin of around 26 % as the previous year. At €12.1 million, the EBIT also surpassed the previous year's figure of €10.6 million, while the EBIT margin dropped slightly from 22.9 % to 22.2 %. Net income for the year rose to €8.4 million, resulting in an earnings per share of €1.89 (previous year: €1.70).

The MOBOTIX Group has thus achieved its financial targets for the fiscal year 2009/2010, and proposes a dividend of €1.00 per share to be paid to shareholders as in the previous year. The Management Board will present the figures of fiscal year 2009/2010 on September 15, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. in a conference call. The Annual General Meeting will take place at the MOBOTIX Headquarters in Langmeil on October 28, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.

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